Thursday, March 5, 2009

Once Upon My 13,920 Seconds

I’m (still) doing my work while listening to those songs.
And I almost cry.
.. So uncool, huh?
I’m not saying that I’m in mellow mode right now.
Or I lost my purse three minutes ago.
Or I forgot to do my school works.
have you ever felt this kind of feeling?
Have you ever experienced…
As you listen to a song, it makes your heart trembles?
And suddenly you feel that you’re taken to one very nostalgic moment,
and often a sad one.
Why are there sad verses in literature?
Why are there minor keys in music?
Yes, I agree that “It’s a nice to be happy” is a good quote.
But it can’t be applied to several occasions.
Just like now.
We can update our status in facebook.
Or write our blog every single day.
People say that we have freedom to express.
Am I expressing right now?
Do you believe that mood does metamorphose?
It is applied to me, at least.
To make it clear, every single *pause* that you’ve seen above;
represents that the song in my player is shuffled.
How I write these words,
Yes, it does change.
Now it has been 3,120 seconds since I’ve written these down.
Yet, I still don’t know why I’m doing this silly thing.
Back to work.


seekor bekicot muda said...

geje but true!

lagu bisa bawa emosi..
makanya, dengerin lagu yang bener..
lagi down, jangan dengerin lagu yang malah bikin tambah down..
lagi semangat, dengerin lagu yang bikin tambah semangat!

ayo bikin lagu!

OvR said...

woah.. mendalam kali.. bener2 'sem' de. haha.. :D

hmm.. sem, are you ok? lagi moody ta?.. napa sem?.. ='0

btw, bagusan yang ni lo backgroundnya. kalem warnae. kaya punyaku. haha!!.. =D =D

SMANGAT samu chan!!!.. ^^

schroddinger said...

hoho.. diblg moody juga kagak sih. cmn emank bener.. those songs! those songs!! mank lg pengen menjelajahi dunia bawah *down* buat inspirasi juga.. mari bikin lagu! hahaha